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Hi! Here’s our October monthly update:

Gearing up for Xmas

We all know the next few months are key for the industry. Our advice to you is to start building your flexible limber team NOW!

It’s no use coming back to the platform after a long hiatus and posting your festive shifts and expecting the same results as businesses that have nurtured their limber teams all year.

So, if you have a shift which you could post, even if it’s a short one, then we recommend you do it. That way, when silly season hits, you’ve got a flexible limber team who know and like you to draw upon!

Applicants page V2

Introducing sorting, filtering, 0% fee badges, team membership badges, better group shift view and another lick of paint – let us know what you think!

First workforce customers

We are now fully live with and looking to start work on Fourth and Planday next. If you’d like us to integrate with your scheduler, please shout.


Coming very soon

Sometimes, you don’t want to hire your team members for every shift. Maybe you want to try someone new or maybe you just want to turn off “auto accept” for some reason. We’re making all of these things possible in our next release – watch this space.

As ever, if you need anything or have a feature request, please shout.

October 24, 2023

September News

applicants v2 & getting ready for Christmas
September 25, 2023

August News

new safety features, first customers and what's next
August 14, 2023

July News

Timesheet feedback,, and get your own version of limber
August 14, 2023

June News

Streameth thy wages, and welcoming M&B and Boparan
June 13, 2019

Look ahead to the SPARKies 2019: The People’s Choice Award

Every year, the who’s who of the South West UK start-up scene descend on the SPARKies awards. With a wealth of talent and buckets of investment heading to the region each year, it’s a great chance to showcase what’s going on in one of the most tech rich corners of the country.
June 5, 2019
limber illustration man dog calendar

I offered our team a 4 day week without a pay cut. The result was surprising.

The heartbeat of our company is the unapologetic questioning of the status quo in the workplace. So, it’s natural (and important) that we apply the same rigour at limber HQ with the way we do things.
May 30, 2019
benefits of being a limberer illustration device

Top 10 benefits to being a limberer

You're multi-talented. Whether you're a bad-ass bartender with some flair in the kitchen or a pukka pastry chef who knows their way around a coffee machine, we believe that you deserve variety by right.
May 22, 2019
limber woman smiling

limber guide: building a captivating profile

Here's another "how to" guide to getting the most out of limber. Let's get straight to it, with our guide to building a great profile.
May 21, 2019
yoga flexibility sunset

5 ways we try not to work rigid and live limber

It’s important to any company that it lives and breathes its own brand. After all, if you don’t, how do you expect your customers to follow suit?