How It Works | limber

So much more than just filling empty shifts.

After each shift, add your favourite staff to your limber team. Welcome to flexible hiring.

How limber works

Using limber is a breeze, here’s how it works.

Post your first shift

On mobile, tablet or desktop. You can do that here

Hire the best applicant

Based on their ratings skills and 20+ data points

Approve timesheets

We handle payroll and you add favourite staff to your limber team

Post more shifts

You can duplicate previous shifts to add them in seconds

Build your team

More shifts means more limber team members

Welcome to flexible hiring

After 28 days. Now you have a flex team of staff happy to work in a way that works for them

How limber can help

By helping you access inaccessible talent, in a fast, convenient and cost
effective way, we’ll help you navigate a global staffing crisis.

Save recruitment costs

You pay one flat fee of 10% on every shift. Saving you money compared with the cost of advertising, onboarding and inevitable staff churn recruiting the traditional way.

Increase profitability

By reducing understaffing and filling those shifts with skilled staff, your sites will become more profitable.

Improve manager morale

It’s a tough time to manage a hospitality site. Give your managers a way of building and managing a more robust and flexible team.

Reduce time to hire

a Post a shift today, and you’ll have a new team member by tomorrow. The immediacy of limber means you can hire in real time, and as required.

Are you a multi-site

Partner with us via our white label
product for