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How limber Works

Using limber is a breeze, here’s how it works.

It starts by filling your open shifts

From any device, set the hourly rate and choose the type of staff you want. By providing a detailed shift description, you’ll be sure to attract the right people for the job. Choose who to hire based on their skills, data, reliability and prior experience, and once they’ve accepted, get to know them via our in app messaging service. Every first shift with a new worker is a trial for them to join your limber team.

It’s all about building your team

Once shifts are complete, you confirm timesheets and then choose to add your favourite staff to your limber team. That means, they get first choice of your shifts in future and can automatically accept them.

In time, nearly all shifts posted on limber will be completed by a team member you know and trust. It’s the consistency you need, with the flexibility they want.

If you’re a multi site business, you can also begin to share and move teams between sites. Find out more

Payroll and admin, sorted

Right to work checks, insurance, PAYE, pension and payment are all handled centrally by the limber app. Because limber acts as the employer, there’s nothing for you to worry about here – just make sure you look after your limber workers when they’re on site.

To find out more, check out our FAQs

“limber is a vital tool for a us in a post Covid/Brexit world. Our sites have been able to connect with some great talent when they need them and then share them across the group. Would highly recommend chatting to the limber team.”

Head of projects and integrations, Butcombe
Craig Read

limber for multi-site businesses

As your sites build their own limber team of their favourite flexible staff, together your sites create a massive asset.
In hospitality, it’s never simple. From seasonality to big bookings, from staff churn to general recruitment challenges. Your managers have a tough job. Your flexible limber team means you can easily share flexible staff across your sites as and when the need arises.

Looking to modernise your recruitment?

Chat to us about how we’re helping multi-site organisations attract,retain and manage flexible teams.

How limber can help

By helping you access inaccessible talent, in a fast, convenient and cost
effective way, we’ll help you navigate a global staffing crisis.

Save recruitment costs

You pay one flat fee of 10% on every shift. Saving you money compared with the cost of advertising, onboarding and inevitable staff churn recruiting the traditional way.

Increase profitability

By reducing understaffing and filling those shifts with skilled staff, your sites will become more profitable.

Improve manager morale

It’s a tough time to manage a hospitality site. Give your managers a way of building and managing a more robust and flexible team.

Reduce time to hire

a Post a shift today, and you’ll have a new team member by tomorrow. The immediacy of limber means you can hire in real time, and as required.