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Butcombe Case Study

We’ve worked with Butcombe to fulfil their flexible hiring needs!



More than 90% of shifts fill with one of Butcombe’s limber team.


Top ratings

Stat from over 2500 shifts.


Fewer rota gaps

Which means much more profitability.

How we helped Butcombe

From an operational perspective, limber is absolutely vital to keeping things running smoothly. Since reopening post covid all channels and geographies have recovered healthily, and a reliable team of staff is integral to maintaining this success. The quality of our offering has made huge contributions to the growth we’ve achieved since 2019, and we expect the standard of staff to be just as high, and just as consistent.

After pandemic restrictions eased, we knew we needed to think more creatively about hiring. With limber, we’ve been able to offer workers much more flexibility, which has brought a different type of talent to us – people who wouldn’t otherwise have wanted to apply to a full time role.

It’s really easy for managers to feel confident when hiring on limber, because every worker has a profile with previous experience, skills, qualifications and ratings from other multi-sites like ourselves. Posting a shift takes less than a minute, and the entire process from hiring to timesheets is smart, well regulated and admin free.

Commercially, limber has always made sense for us. There’s zero sign up fees, and the platform fees are a small price to pay for what we get in return. limber handles right to work checks, insurance, payment, and pension, while managers are free to focus on everything else it takes to run a busy hospitality site.

Recruitment and labor shortages continue to be a problem across the sector, but being able to supplement our core teams with staff from limber means we feel these pressures far less.
The reason we use limber so regularly is because each site has been able to build and share a flexible team – it’s not a case of having a different face through the door every day, it’s our own network of quality, talented staff that managers can hire as and when they need to. Being able to react in this way to the demands of running a business means our sales don’t suffer, and neither does our reputation.

At Butcombe, our food and drink is made and served with love, and we absolutely trust the people we hire on limber to uphold these standards. We’re an eclectic bunch of passionate people, all brought together by our love of food, drink and service, and it’s great that limber enables us to build a flexible team that shares these values.

Craig Read
Head of projects and integrations, Butcombe