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Mitchells & Butlers Case Study

We’ve worked with M&B to fulfil their flexible hiring needs



More than 70% of shifts completed across M&B sites are carried out by a worker that has already worked at an M&B venue.


Top ratings

97% of the time, a worker receives the top rating (3 stars) after completing a shift at an M&B site.


Fewer rota gaps

Supporting profitability, productivity, team morale, customer service and avoidance of loss of revenue.

How we helped M&B tap into a wider workforce and manage and utilise flexible labour

Before we started building and sharing teams with limber, something we particularly struggled with was very high turnover. Either people would get offered more money elsewhere and leave very quickly, or we’d take staff on with minimal experience, and spend a lot of money on training them up, before quickly losing that return on investment when they’d leave within a couple of shifts. 

As someone who likes to embrace new tech, I was super excited to hear about a new way of staffing, however, I did have a couple of concerns about how our core team would mix with the limber team. It was really important to me that all members of staff, regardless of how we recruited them could work together as a whole, and that guests would never know we were sourcing workers in different ways, from different platforms. 

At first, I was worried we might be unable to fulfil the shift, but posting consistently completely solved this and by the time we got to week 3 or 4, we’d started to build a flexible limber team we could really rely on.

Now, we’ve got great workers that come back each week, and members of our limber team are sharing the platform with their friends and family, which has really helped to build the network of workers for us to choose from. From the routine and rhythm of posting alone, we were able to grow a really strong worker pool. In terms of how our managers use and receive limber now, they’re all super active and have really embraced it. 

I think what they’ve realised is that, yes they’ve got to put a bit of hard work into doing their own recruitment, but actually limber is very much here to support that effort. The GMs that picked up limber straight away, are now seeing the benefit of staffing in this way, and from chatting to them, it’s apparent that they’ve been really impressed with the skill set and work ethic of the talent hired through limber.”

Jamie Welch

Jamie Welch

Retail Business Manager, Nicholsons West London & Brighton

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