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Top 10 benefits to being a limberer

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You’re multi-talented. Whether you’re a bad-ass bartender with some flair in the kitchen or a pukka pastry chef who knows their way around a coffee machine, we believe that you deserve variety by right.

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re looking for a career in hospitality, maybe full time, ladder climbing, experience gaining work might be right for you.

However, if you’re looking for another path, then limber enables you to build your perfect rota in as many venues as you like; then take time off whenever you want it.  

You just agree your shifts and your hourly rates with your clients and then send them for sign off. All your payments, pension and ratings will be handled in one, easy to access place. You won’t even need to deal with tax.

Top 10 Benefits to being a limberer

  1. Set your own rate of pay
  2. Create your own awesome online CV and video profile
  3. Work across multiple venues and roles
  4. Receive all your earnings in one weekly payslip
  5. Save into a pension and manage tax easily
  6. Build your own reputation through ratings to increase your earning potential
  7. Take time off whenever you want – surf, yoga, side hustles, families – spend more time on the things you love the most
  8. Find new workmates by joining limber teams
  9. Rate your employer and contribute to the community
  10. Be your own boss

How to get started as a limberer

First, build your own profile. Add all your experience; get endorsed by your old bosses and add an awesome video to it. You can then share it at the touch of a button with whoever you like.

Once you get rota’d on, just send all your shifts to your contacts for their approval.  Once the shift is over, you each rate each other and the app deals with payroll. The venue will then be able to post shifts in the future and invite you; or you can send more shifts their way for approval.

As limber grows in your local area, more and more hirers will start using the app. Then, you’ll be able to respond to shifts they post and use your profile to make new connections.

Get started today and build your first shift towards a more empowering way of working.

The limber app and platform empowers workers to take back the freedoms denied them by zero hour contracts, unfulfilling venues, and unreasonable rotas so they can live their best lives. Don't work rigid. Live limber.

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