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August News

Hi everyone!

A short newsletter from us this month as, to be honest, we spent quite a lot of August having fun 🌞.

How to gear up for Autumn/winter on limber

Last week, we had a limber record. 94% of shifts were filled on the platform with a member of the hirers’ team. That means the app is delivering better than ever consistency of staffing – the consistency you need with the flexibility that staff want. That’s what we’re all about.

  1. Get your planned shifts up between 4-14 days’ time. These shifts will pretty much always fill with one of your limber team.

  2. Take a look at your team. You can do this via the main menu on limber. Are there some inactive workers you should remove? Are there some great workers you want add to the team? (See add to team button). Can you ping a message out to any of them to let them know you’ll be busy?

  3. Short, sharp shifts. These are a great way to try out new team members or cope with peak periods. And, shortly, we’ll be releasing a new feature to enable you to turn off the auto accept functionality on a shift by shift basis.

New safety features

As part of our continual efforts to make limber better, we’ve added emergency contact details to the worker app. So, if there’s an injury on shift, or a hirer raises a safeguarding concern, now workers have the option to give us an emergency contact.

First workforce customers

We welcomed our first integrated customers this month. They’ll never have to post a limber shift again as their vacant shifts get sent automatically to limber. Their employees then have visibility over which limber worker is doing the shift and so, aren’t left in the dark about how many staff are on. If you’re interested in this, or if you’d like us to integrate with your scheduler, please get in touch.

Coming very soon

Our second iteration of the new applicants page is on the way, this time complete with:

  1. Filtering
  2. Sorting
  3. Better shift rating summaries
  4. New group shift view
  5. White label badges (so you can see more clearly who is fee free)

After that, we’re taking a look at conversations/chat, which we know needs some TLC.

The limber app and platform empowers workers to take back the freedoms denied them by zero hour contracts, unfulfilling venues, and unreasonable rotas so they can live their best lives. Don't work rigid. Live limber.

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