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Broaden your recruitment reach and have better labour efficiency with your own flexible working app

We can help you engage and manage a new generation of staff who don’t want to work the traditional way (without building your own flexible working solution from scratch).

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We partner with multi-site operators to deliver you your own flexible working solution. With it, you can advertise flexible working in your organisation and deliver it via your own-branded app based, flexible shiftworking app.

Using our technology, but branded in your name, workers can sign up, pick up shifts at any of your sites, and we won’t charge you any of the usual transactions fees to do it. Our platform will also handle all the payroll and administration for you.

If you don’t have enough workers in your own pool, the shifts will be advertised out to the limber community and you can choose to hire them at our usual fees instead.

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Provide flexibility, the number one priority of 85% of staff*

In a post covid world, people value flexibility variety and empowerment. These people aren’t applying to your traditional roles. Hire them through limber and engage a much wider pool of talent.

The industry cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Employment has moved on. Our white label is a way of keeping pace.

*Based on our 2022 study of the staff of 200 pubs and restaurants.

Drive consistency and share teams across your sites

Flexibility doesn’t have to mean your staffing suffers. As your sites build teams of their favourite flex staff, you can share them across sites and brands. As the demands of each site fluctuate, your team can move across sites. The result is a genuinely liquid workforce and a massive asset to your business.

Increase efficiency of your staffing pool

Make sure none of your sites are under or over staffed by sharing flex teams. Make sure non of your team members leave because they want more hours.

Let us deal with the tech

A lot of multi site operators want to build their own limber. Don’t do it! Let us handle the tech, you look after your business.

Retain staff by offering top up hours

Help under utilised staff get more hours, rather than leave your business. Just add them to your white label and allow your other sites to hire them, fee free.

Let us manage the employment side

By partnering with us, we’ll handle all employment obligations for you.

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