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Improve your labour efficiency and broaden your recruitment reach with flexible hiring

Avoid over and understaffing, encourage staff sharing and engage with a new generation of talent who don’t want to work the traditional way.

White label

We have two offerings

The benefits

From broadening your talent pool, to increasing profitability, flexible hiring makes your business more robust.

Increase deployment efficiency

If you have a flexible team you can move between sites, then you can make more efficient use of labour and collectively, your business will be more profitable.

Reduce understaffing

With reactive hiring, you can ensure your sites are never understaffed. From holiday cover to sickness, you can plug gaps better if you have a buoyant flexible labour pool.

Reach a much wider pool of talent

with reactive hiring, you can keep a leaner core team and flex up and down as need dictates.

React in real time to demand

Trust us, your current traditional employment roots are putting off a significant portion of society who don’t want to work the traditional way. There are too many other options now for people.

Reduce staff churn

If you’re churning through your part time team multiple times a year, then you aren’t maximising the return on investment on your recruitment costs. With our technology, you embrace the casual nature part time staff and can instead focus on your core team.

Hire casual team people faster

You can hire flexible teams onto their first shift in a matter of minutes. No CV sifting, just post a shift and choose the best person to hire. Then when you post shifts in the future, your favourite flexible team can pick them up automatically.

Offering genuine flexibility is key to any employer brand. Not everyone wants to be promoted up through the ranks. Not everyone wants a career in hospitality and not everyone wants guaranteed hours each week.

For some, flexibility is the number one priority with their work or job on the side. Our offerings for multi site operators help you use our world class technology to deliver just that – whilst still retaining the consistency of staffing your sites need.

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Who we partner with

We partner with multi-site operators to deliver you your own flexible working solution. With it, you can advertise flexible working in your organisation and deliver it via your own-branded app based, flexible shiftworking app.

Using our technology, but branded in your name, workers can sign up, pick up shifts at any of your sites, and we won’t charge you any of the usual transactions fees to do it. Our platform will also handle all the payroll and administration for you.

If you don’t have enough workers in your own pool, the shifts will be advertised out to the limber community and you can choose to hire them at our usual fees instead.

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How we ensure flexible hiring doesn’t adversely impact your business

There are several things to consider when deploying flexible talent

We know you can’t have randomers turning up to shifts, even in lower skilled roles. You need team cohesion. That’s why we focus our tech around our teams feature. Your managers give staff a rating after each shift and decide whether to add them to their flexible team. Then, whenever they post, their flexible team get first choice and can auto accept shifts. So the more you use your flexible talent pool, the more consistency you drive.

We know there’s a lot of bad press around the gig economy. Everyone working on limber or any own brand app is employed by limber centrally and pays tax in the usual way. They get one payslip a week and they get access to a pension programme. We look after staff with bonuses and benefits, like Wagestream and where we need to provide support, we do.

With both our multi site offerings, we offer bespoke in app training modules. Whether it’s bar licensing training or allergens, we can work with your compliance teams to make sure everything’s covered.

We either integrate with your schedule provider, or we can provide regular visibility of spend vis csv or excel files to be uploading into finance systems. We also offer wage caps to ensure your managers can’t post shifts for a higher rate than their own team (unless you’d like that manager to for whatever reason)

We offering customer support, training and materials for all managers who use our technology. That means they’re never far away from an answer to their question. We’ll even run in person launch meetings required to support your roll out.

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