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Flexible Work Done The Right Way

If ‘work every weekend, get paid minimum wage and have a crap work life balance’ sounds familiar, you’ve probably worked in hospitality before. We decided you deserve better, so we created limber, the flexible work app designed to do one thing – help you lead a happy, varied and balanced work-life.

Monday in a coffee shop, Wednesday in a bar and Friday in the kitchen. Weekends off? Sure! Work a month and then go traveling, absolutely! Whatever you like. Choose when you work, where you work and who you work for.

From the limber community

Work at tonnes of great companies, including

Own your own rota
Run your own life

limber’s smart features mean you control when you work. Choose your days and hours, then set your schedule to ensure you’re only notified about work that suits your availability.

Mix things up and never live the same week

Whether it’s topping up your income and learning new skills or expanding your network – there’s hundreds of reasons to start working flexibly.

Flexible and Fair

This isn’t about crap shift work for temps. This is about fair and ethical gig work. This is about saying no to traditional employment. This is about empowering people to live a happy, flexible and varied work life. This is about making work, work for you.

Get paid weekly

Limber is a secure and sustainable way to top up your income. Pick up as much or as little work as you like, and enjoy weekly paydays with holiday pay and pension contributions, like any other job.

Earn into a pension

Feel like this could be a different benefit, have covered pay left. What about ‘Join a Team – Get added to a team and in time you’ll build up a network of brands and venues you love working for’.

Stay safe

Our team at limber HQ will help you out if you ever have an issue. Hirers on limber get rated too – to make sure the playing field is level.


How limber works

Using limber is a breeze, here’s how it works.

Enjoy total flexibility

You can apply for as many or as few shifts as you like – choose from KP to cheffing and from glass collecting to cocktail making. There are no minimum commitments – just set your availability to turn off notifications when you don’t want to work.

Get paid weekly, or access half of your wages immediately through Wagestream

Use the limber app to see your weekly wages, make and review pension contributions, and see your earned tips and bonuses. Nobody at limber makes less than the minimum wage, and all of our workers are entitled to holiday pay.

Thanks to limber’s partnership with financial wellbeing app Wagestream, you can draw down 50% of your pay once your timesheet is approved, meaning you don’t have to wait for payday. Wagestream has a number of tools to improve financial health – find out more and download the app here.

Be part of a team

limber revolves around our teams feature. If you meet hirers you like and they like you, you’ll get added to their team and you can automatically pick up their shifts. That means you get flexibility combined with the security of being able to pick up hours at your favourite venues.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you live?

limber is now live up and down the country. You can change your location in the app and search for shifts in your city.

How long has limber been live?

limber has been helping people work flexibly since 2017. Since then we’ve helped the combined limber community earn £millions and helped thousands of businesses along the way.

What type of places can I work in?

Venues on limber include pubs, restaurants, cafes and clubs. There’s usually a good blend of other music venues and sports stadia too.

Who employs me?

limber acts as the employer, so we sort your payroll and pension (unless you opt out).

Do I need to have experience?

Ideally, yep. Because when hirers review your profile, you’re more likely to be hired if you have experience. But we get that attitude matters too, so feel free to apply if you don’t have experience – we’ve seen it done before!

Do you have any minimum commitments?

Nope. You can do no shifts at all or work every day!