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Small team. Big dream.

We’re not big fans of the 9-5.

Our app aims to be the foundation on which a new breed of worker can build a better, more empowering and happier worklife. Founded in 2016, limber's sole mission is to disrupt the old fashioned notion of a career – supporting the new wave of many faceted, multi skillled, role agnostic employees rapidly expanding from the social, sharing and gig economies.

Run by a tiny team of 5, but made up of a vibrant community of tens of thousands, we're trying to do things differently. The number of freelance websites and the gig economy have grown rapidly over recent years, but they're all built on this notion of short termism. What we're trying to do is help people build something more sustainable.

Which is why on limber you can pay into a pension, you get an actual payslip and you can earn shares in the company as the community grows. limber is a place where people can build their new worklife, ethically.

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