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Keeping your flexible team happy 

We want limber to be a safe, fair and inclusive way to hire and earn – here’s how we make sure things stay cool, calm and collected across both sides of the marketplace.

🚨 Disclaimer – this stuff is important, but can be boring, read at your own risk!

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they provide a safe and fair place of work for all limber shifts, which is free from discrimination. If limber workers report issues regarding this to us, this is our policy: 

  • Our community welcomes everyone – if discrimination is reported then, subject to having permission from the worker, limber will contact the hirer on a no names basis and pass the complaint on. limber will then request an update on what steps the hirer is taking to deal with the issues arising from the claims. Should the worker wish to report the issue to the police or relevant authorities, limber will support this. If limber receives multiple complaints regarding a hirer, then limber will suspend the relevant hirer from using the platform for a period of time (on a case by case basis). If issues are reported after that suspension, the hiring site will be permanently blocked from limber.
  • Poor conditions / Health and safety – if a worker reports poor conditions on a shift, and it doesn’t pose an imminent danger to the worker (i.e. reports of lack of communication/worktops being dirty), this feedback is stored (along with the hirer rating). If multiple reports are made, then the issue will be reported to the hirer. If the complaint poses danger to the worker (physical violence or unsafe environment), the hirer is contacted as with discrimination above and if the hirer is unable to provide an explanation as to what the hirer is doing to rectify the situation, then the hirer will be suspended from using limber until the issues have been addressed.

Vetting profiles – who makes the cut?

The limber police (aka our customer experience team) takes care of profile vetting and right to work checks. We try to welcome as many people to the community as possible, but applicants will be rejected if:

– Worker is 17 years old or younger

– Right to work is not provided (share code/passport/birth certificate + document with NIN)

– Experience is missing (only relevant if worker selects Chef, Bartender or Barista as skills)

– Introduction is incomplete, inexistent or incomprehensible

– Profile picture doesn’t show their faces, so we’re unable to check whether it matches the person in the passport picture or share code confirmation

– Profile contains or promotes hate speech, violence, etc


Staying safe on shift

We want limber to be a fun and safe place to work and earn money. If you ever feel unsafe, please tell us. 

Otherwise, limber ensures the safety of workers with constant hirer ratings/feedback collected after every shift and in app chat should a worker need to raise an issue. However, it is still important for workers to remain vigilant when working shifts on limber. Our guidance for doing so is as follows:

  • Always check out a hirer’s ratings on the app. You can access those at the bottom of every shift posting.
  • If it’s your first time working with a hirer, drop them a message and ask any questions you need to.
  • If a business name isn’t listed in the shift posting, ask the hirer to confirm what their business is called.
  • If it’s a hirer’s first time on the app, make sure they have given you enough information to understand who they are. If anything is unclear or doesn’t look right, get in touch with limber.
  • If you feel unsafe at any time, either cancel or leave a shift. We will always back you up here and remove any late cancellations/no shows from your account.

Discrimination on the platform 

limber does not control who gets hired onto shifts and, by following our vetting policy, we do not discriminate as to who is permitted to join limber.

However, we have put in place measures to mitigate the risk of discrimination occuring on limber.

  1. We don’t display ages on workers’ profiles to mitigate the risk of age discrimination
  2. We don’t include full surnames on limber to mitigate the risk of racial discrimination or xenephobia
  3. We do include very small photographs on every profile, because increasing trust is an important part of a online hiring platform. However, we have resisted requests for those photographs to be enlarged on profiles to mitigate the risk that people be overlooked (or hired) based on how they look.
  4. Every email notifying hirers of applicants comes with an equality and diversity policy and statement:


limber champions both the benefits and necessity of having a diverse workforce and we hope you’ll join us in our commitment to the positive promotion of equality and diversity.

When reviewing applicants on limber, profiles contain plenty of great data to help you make a choice, fairly:

Ratings: These are great, but please also consider those without loads of ratings – maybe they just haven’t been given a chance yet.

Reliability: Although please remember, we’re all human and we make mistakes!

Prior experience: Please assume people are telling the truth. 99% of the time, they are.

Endorsements: Look out for the green shield – it means someone has endorsed that worker’s previous experience.

Training and education: This is important, but there’s a lot that can be said for a great work ethic and a positive attitude.

Together, we can ensure that no person receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion, age or disability, and put an end to systemic discrimation. The result is a better, more diverse and more inclusive environment for both our colleagues and customers.


Our blocking policy

If a hirer reports serious misconduct from a worker (violence, verbal abuse, drugs/alcohol or theft), limber will message the worker for more details and suspend their account, so they can’t apply for shifts while an investigation is ongoing.

If the worker provides a convincing account of what happened and the hirer can’t provide proof: the worker’s account gets unblocked, but if the issue arises again, then this may count against the worker.

If the worker can’t provide a convincing account of what happened and/or the hirer has proof – the worker’s account remains blocked and a P45 is processed. 

If a more minor complaint is made (eg, poor attitude etc), limber will not take any further action, instead relying on the ratings system.


How we deal with disputes between hirers and workers on limber

Rating disputes

Ratings are not removed unless the worker raises very serious accusations (i.e bad rating because of discrimination, violence, etc). limber will then remove the rating and ask for more details to escalate the complaint (see Discrimination etc above).

No show disputes

No-shows are removed if:

– Proof of illness is provided, showing the worker was unable to contact us/access the app (hospital notes or doctor’s letters)

– Traffic accidents (dated pictures/police reports showing the worker was unable to contact us/access the app)

A no-show usually blocks a worker’s account (depending on the number of shifts they’ve worked). If the worker contacts limber but does not have sufficient evidence to remove a no show, limber will commit to unblocking their account after 4 weeks. 

If a worker claims they showed up for a shift, but the hirer says they didn’t –

  • AND the hirer can provide proof (i.e. CCTV), then the no-show remains
  • AND the hirer can’t provide proof: limber will ask for as many details as possible from the worker, such as names of other workers and any specific information they can share from the shift. Limber will then message back the hirer and if I don’t hear back, the no-show is removed and the worker is paid.

Cancellation disputes

Late cancellations are removed if:

– Proof of illness is provided (dated positive Covid test result, hospital notes or doctor’s letters)

– Traffic accidents (dated pictures/police reports)

limber also removes late cancellations at our discretion every now and then – i.e. worker gets back to the platform after 2 years away, but late cancellations from 2019 mean their reliability rating is Mediocre so they’re having trouble getting hired.

Cool, that’s the serious stuff dealt with – as you were!