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A breakdown of the bill


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Wages: you set your own wages. 100% will go to workers and you have to pay at least minimum wage (obviously).

Holiday pay: this is added at 12.07%. It's illegal not to pay workers paid holiday. Again 100% of that goes to workers.

Employer NI and pension: Employer NI is usually 13.8%. Employer pension is usually 3%. Again, both are legal obligations. We pass this through to you at cost price - using an average of 6.5% because we don't always have to pay these sums if workers don't meet the thresholds.

Our fee: this is usually 10% of your staff costs. But right now, we're offering limber for free to businesses to help them get back on their feet following Coronavirus.

VAT: VAT is added on the whole bill. We asked HMRC if that was correct, and they said yes! Provided you're VAT registered though, you'll get this VAT back.

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