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Improving your profile

A strong profile is the number one way to increase your chances of being hired. We’re not a fan of the CV, but we do believe in putting your best foot forward. You can skip to the section you need help with, or read the full article to make sure everything’s covered. It only takes a couple of minutes to improve your profile, but you won’t be able to apply for shifts until it’s done.

I need to change my profile picture 

There’s a few simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing the right profile picture. It needs to be clear, ideally show your face, and it never hurts to choose one where you’re smiling, or look approachable. 

The best photos are the ones that show you in action, like behind the bar or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but if you don’t have something like this, a simple headshot works just as well. If we reject your picture, it’s likely for one or more of the following reasons: 

  • It’s poor quality or blurry
  • It doesn’t match the picture in your right to work documentation
  • It’s been deemed inappropriate for work 
  • It’s not a picture of a person 

I need a hand with my introduction 

We get it. Introductions can be tough to write. A strong intro should highlight your best qualities, break down your experience and areas of expertise, list a couple personality traits, and keep the focus on hospitality. If you’d like to add a little bit about what you do in your spare time, that’s great too, but keep in mind that hirers are mainly looking to understand what you can bring to a shift and why you’re the right person for the job. 

You should also highlight the other things that make you a strong applicant like having your own transport, owning chef whites or being available on certain days, and at short notice. 

Check out this example.

What skills should I include?

When it comes to adding your skills, it’s all about keeping it relevant to the type of work you want to pick up and making sure it matches your experience. What you include is up to you, but we’d recommend choosing two or three to get you started. 

A hirer should be able to glance at your profile and know if you’re right for the job in a couple of seconds, so don’t overload it with skills that aren’t applicable to your ideal roles.

What should I add to education & training?

We’ll never reject your profile based on your education & qualifications (that’s not our style) but the data shows that more info = more likely to be hired. Here’s a couple of things you might want to include under training: 

Supercharge your profile 

Including links is a super fun way to make your profile stand out from the crowd. The best work will receive lot’s of interest, so to give your application the edge, consider linking out to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or even a personal website or blog. 

You also have the option to create a welcome video. It can be anything from a simple hello and a little bit about who you are, or a video that shows your skills and interests. Be sure to get creative with it. 

Still unsure? Give us a shout via and we’ll help you out 🚀

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