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Helping hospitality sites
stay happy and profitable
with flexible staffing.

Solve your staffing challenges by connecting with a growing
generation of talent looking to work more flexibly.
Solve your staffing challenges by connecting with a growing generation of talent looking to work more flexibly.

Flexible for workers.
Consistent for employers.

Hiring flexibly isn’t the same as hiring temps. With limber, you build a team of your favourite staff who can automatically pick up your shifts. When you have hours for them, they’re there for you. If not, they can be working flexibly at other locations on limber.

Benefits of flexible hiring on limber

From broadening your talent pool, to increasing profitability, flexible hiring makes your business more robust.

Access inaccessible talent

There is a massive pool of talent on limber who want a better work-life balance and more flexibility. Because we give them that, you can access this pool of talent (just a bit more on their terms).

React in real time to demand

Seasonality, last minute bookings the Great British Weather. You can cope with it all, with a flexible team, ready to help you when you need them. If you’re a multi site operator, that means you can move your teams between your sites too.

Look after your core team

The last few years have been tough, but understaffing means your team is probably over-worked. Prevent burn out by adding limber as another tool in your teams’ toolbox.

Increase profitability

When you’re not as attentive to customers, they spend less and if you’re not turning tables over, you’re losing out on sales. That’s before you’ve counted the costs of negative customer service.

Reduce understaffing

With reactive hiring, you can ensure your sites are never understaffed. From holiday cover to sickness, you can plug gaps better if you have a buoyant flexible labour pool

Screen applicants before hiring

Each flexible staff member you hire on limber comes with a profile rich with data – ratings from their shifts on limber, reliability data, experience, training and skills as well as bespoke video content and compliance badges.

Are you an multi site operator?

Learn more about how you can share your limber team across sites.

Hire with peace of mind

We know it can be nerve racking to welcome new staff into your business. Which is why everything we do is designed to give you confidence.

Ratings and reliability data

Each worker profile contains ratings from other local businesses and live reliability data so you can choose the best person every time.

We employ the staff, not you

That means we take care of employment insurance, payroll, income tax and auto enrolment pension.

Fair and ethical

All workers receive at least minimum wage, get paid holiday and keep every penny they earn.

Trusted by 1000+ businesses and counting

Trusted by 1000+ businesses and counting


limber charges 10% on every shift posted on the app on top of employment costs. You’ll find more details on shift costs here.





0% fees when you hire from your pool

10% fees when you hire other worker


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Frequently asked questions

Who employs staff on limber?

limber employs all workers on the app centrally. They get one payslip per week for all their shifts, and we take care of insurance, payment and payroll/pension.

How do I know if the staff will be any good?

Never fear, there’s lots of data on each worker profile including shift ratings, reliability data, showcase and prior experience. 90%+ of shifts on limber get the top rating, which shows that hirers on the platform are good at picking the best talent.

I can’t have randomers turning up to my business! What do you say to that?!

Yep, we’ve heard that before! But, here’s the thing, limber is all about building your flexible team. Once you’ve done that, most of your shifts are worked by people you’ve already met.

What if something goes wrong, who is insured?

We hold both employer’s liability and public liability insurance if the worst was to happen. When workers are on site, we do ask that you look after them. We’re very used to working with businesses to make sure risk is covered off, so if you’d like to talk about that, please get in touch.

What if I want to hire someone full time?

Go for it! We won’t stand in your way. If workers aren’t enjoying the flexibility and benefits that working on limber provides, then they’re free to go and work wherever they like.

Where does limber operate?

There are workers on limber all over the UK. However, some areas have better concentration than others. The fastest way to find out is to post your first shift (it’s free to do). Otherwise, please get in touch.