The limber manifesto

We believe businesses work better when staff and management are happy to be there.

The limber app and platform empowers workers to take back the freedoms denied them by zero hour contracts, unfulfilling venues, and unreasonable rotas so they can live their best lives.

The balance of employer power and mechanics of finding shift work are broken. They work for neither the worker nor the hirer. Today’s staff value flexibility and variety and so, traditional employment is becoming outdated. It’s our mission to start a movement, supported with smart tech, to change how work works, for the better.

The action of the many will change the behaviour of the few. And we believe now is the time for change.

If you agree with the pledges we make in this manifesto join our mission by putting your name to it and sharing with your peers.

This is what we believe to be true

1. We believe you deserve the freedom to earn flexibly

Your kids, your hobbies, your friends, your passions, your side hustle, your main hustle, your partner, your pipedreams, your pet, your coulda-woulda-shoulda. All of these things need space in your life. So whatever you’re into, we believe work needs to fit around it; or get out of the way.

2. We believe all of us are multi-talented by nature

You are not a barista. Or a graphic designer. Or a lawyer. You’re someone with more skills than you’ll realise and so far, you’ve been woefully under-serviced. We want you to use as many of those skills as possible. So, go make great milk, go sketch, go research the constitutional impact of pre-1820 parliamentary conventions. We’ll try and help you do as much of that as you can on limber.

3. We believe by empowering you to work on your terms, everybody wins

Traditional employment contracts and recruitment practices don’t empower staff. The idea of committing to a job and then to a (sometimes) misused zero-hours contract can suffocate people. These things perpetuate a problem which drives the best staff away and results in poor quality of service in business. By giving staff what they want, we believe that businesses will win in the long term.

4. We believe your happiness stands no compromise: flexibility, variety and empowerment must never come at the cost of fairness, equality and basic employment rights

Just because a way of working is new, or innovative or delivered via a shiny app, it doesn’t mean staff have waived their right to a fair deal. At least minimum wage. Holiday pay. Pension contributions. A fair, safe and equal place to work where the hours on your rota are the hours you work. Tax. NI. Proper payslips. These are not “nice to haves”. They are fundamental rights.

  • We are vehemently against unpaid trial shifts.
  • We believe no worker should be sent home early without mutual agreement
  • We strongly oppose single venue zero hours contracts.
  • We work to enable great staff to earn what they are rightfully due: above minimum wage pay.

  • We believe employers should make allowances for excessive or unusual travel costs
  • We believe paid breaks are a right, not a perk, and should be universal
  • We believe you have the right to a fair, respectful, and safe environment free of discrimination

5. We believe in you; not us. Our role in all this is as a compassionate facilitator

We are, first and foremost, an enabler. We build simple, smart and socially thoughtful ways for individuals to find and develop opportunities to earn on their own terms. We believe we are at our best when we stay out of the way of the relationships between businesses and staff, but we will always be here as the backbone to make sure the limber community is as fair, transparent and equal as it can be.

6. We believe you should hold everyone, including us, accountable to these standards

We’re humans. And in effect, you’re our boss. If you ever suspect we’re not holding ourselves accountable to any of these core beliefs, we welcome you to call us out: loud, proud and free. We believe in your voice.

Ultimately we believe both worker and hirer voices should be heard equally. Both have the right to consent and refuse. No bound hands. No yokes. No compromise.

If you agree with the pledges we make in this manifesto join our mission by signing your name to it.

Some of the hirers on limber