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Great workers

  • experienced staff across hospitality, retail, promotions and office work
  • ratings, skills and a profile
  • gave workers good feedback? They’ll get a notification to their phone the next time you post a shift!

Great value

  • free to sign up
  • just 12.5% fee (on average £1 p/h per worker)
  • if we don’t pay NI contributions, then we’ll rebate those to you

easy to use

  • Post a shift in less than 30 seconds
  • Confirm timesheets with the click of a button
  • hand pick your workers or let our algorithm do that for you

No paperwork

  • limber takes care of payroll so you don’t have to
  • automatic collection of payment on completion
  • no manual processing of invoices

if you use

agency workers…

With limber, you’ll save on fees.  Traditional agencies have significant overheads to recover, whereas limber’s fee is just 12.5%.

For large events or bookings, simply specify the level of quality (limber, limber+ or limberPro) and let limber’s clever algorithm autofill your roles.  You can build custom teams to match your event - eg. why not select a few limberPro workers to manage the team?

Quality control? Our data does the work for you.  Workers are rated for each shift, which feeds into their limber score.  If you like workers, and give good feedback, then they’ll receive a push notification to their smartphone the next time you post a shift.

if you use

part time staff…

We think it’s time you took down that “we’re hiring” sign in your window.  Save on recruitment.  Save on advertising.  Save on payroll overhead.

“But what if they don’t know what they’re doing?!” Don’t worry, you get to review profiles of workers before you accept anyone.  You’ll see their ratings, skills badges and prior experience allowing you to make an informed decision.

Workers are also rated for each shift, which feeds into the workers’ limber score.  If you like workers, and give good feedback, then they’ll receive a push notification the next time you post a shift.  That way, you’ll end up with a local pool of workers who you see time and again.


not convinced?

Open a free account anyway! It takes about 1 minute and there is nothing to pay until a shift is worked.

At limber, we never want you to be over or understaffed again.  So, even with the best rota management in the world, they’ll likely be times when you just need an extra pair of hands.   For sick cover and staff holidays – limber is a great option.



meet limber's



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  • Rich was a tech strategy guru for 7 years – most recently at Accenture (5 years).
  • Rich looks after tech and limber’s development teams.
  • Rich is charged with delivering a product which harnesses data to deliver the best possible on demand platform for limber’s users.
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  • Chris was a tech lawyer with 6 years’ experience, most recently at FTSE 50 Paddy Power Betfair plc.
  • Chris understands the power of marketplace technology – Betfair’s betting exchange is the largest in the world.
  • Prior to starting out as a lawyer, Chris owned and ran a waiting and bar staff agency so he understands first-hand the issues that the sectors must grapple with.







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