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How & when to bid

Bidding is super exciting because it allows you ask the hirer for a higher hourly rate. However, bid with caution, because venues can also counterbid. This means if you bid on a shift, and the venue doesn’t want to accept, they can come back to you with a counter offer.

Here’s how it works.

How do I bid?

Simply tap on the shift you would like to bid on and hit the drop down arrow in the grey bar under ‘your bid’, choose the amount you’d like to ask for and hit ‘apply’. If a hirer counterbids, you’ll be notified. You can then either accept or reject the shift – but there’s never any obligation to work for less than you feel you deserve. If a hirer chooses to reject your bid, you’ll be notified immediately, and can apply elsewhere.

Can I start bidding straight away?

We only recommend bidding on shifts if you’ve got some good ratings under your belt – this is because hirers need to feel confident that you’re right for the job before they can agree to a higher hourly rate. You’re very unlikely to be accepted if you bid on a shift if you’re new to the platform.

Before you start bidding, you should also make sure you have a strong profile with plenty of information, and an excellent reliability score. If you think you might need to improve your profile before you start bidding, you can find guidance for this here.

🚨Warning – if you bid too high or too often, you risk being blocked. This means you will no longer be able to see or apply for shifts at that venue.

Most of the time, hirers are good at knowing how much they should be paying, so think carefully before applying with a bid.

When should I bid?

⭐ When the shift is yet to fill close to the start time

⭐ For more ‘specialized’ work that requires a specific skill set

⭐ When there’s a surge in demand (like on bank holidays)

Why can hirers counter bid?

Counterbidding increase your chances of being hired, because you have the opportunity to accept a shift at a slightly lower rate than your original bid. It’s also helps us build a fairer marketplace, allowing both parties to agree on a rate of pay that makes sense.

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