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How to build a great profile

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Why is it important to build a great profile?

Building the ultimate profile is your first step towards securing your ideal clients and opportunities. This is the place to promote yourself, so don’t be afraid to shout about your skills and talents. Your profile is where you can present your personal brand, so take advantage of the opportunity to stand out and communicate the key attributes that will lead to crucial engagement. It’s a good idea to feature a link to your limber profile on your social media, LinkedIn or on your website, so potential clients know exactly who you are and what you do.

Where should I start?

We know you’ve got better things to do than spend hours making a profile, that’s why we’ve made it super simple. We only need a little bit of information from you, before you can start creating contracts, sending invoices and earning money. Start by telling us what you do, what you’d like to use limber for and set your hourly rate. You can then continue with the rest, or come back and complete it once you’ve sent your first invoice.

What about my icon?

Your icon is the first thing potential clients will see, and another opportunity to reflect your personal brand, so be sure to choose an image you feel represents you well, and one that’s semi professional (so probably not the shot of that time you had one too many pints). Alternatively, you can feature your business logo. Whatever suits you, goes.

Should I include endorsements from previous employers and clients?

Never underestimate the value of a good reference as they’re a key tool for building your clients confidence in your abilities. You can do this by featuring endorsements from previous work. 

Getting your previous roles or projects endorsed will give your new client or employers a sense of what you can offer. It’s the best way for them to visualise your reliability, and understand whether you’re the right fit for the job, and they can be easily sent through the app. Super simple. 

What should I feature in education and training?

Unlike a traditional CV, your education and training is by no means the most important part of your Slashie profile, but it is a good idea to feature any qualifications that you think might be relevant and helpful towards securing your ideal clients. This is also an area that can help you get noticed and validate your skills. 

This includes anything from first aid, RHS Horticulture diploma, your degree, SJA First Aid Certificate, Personal Licences, CSCS Card, Hygiene level 2 certificate, NVQs and anything else you think might encourage potential clients and employers. 

Why should I include Social Media links? 

Perhaps you’re a designer with a popular Instagram account full of your work, or a gardener who posts before and afters on Facebook . Your digital presence is a great way to support your profile, build trust and increase your chances of finding new clients.

Social media is also the ideal place for potential clients to find additional reviews and feedback, so they can feel super secure when hiring you. We get that this approach might not be for everyone, and if you feel as if linking your social is too much self promotion, that’s okay. However, if you do like the sound of fun video content or capturing relevant audiences using the digital marketplace, social media can be super effective. 

What should be in the ‘About you’ box?

Let your potential clients and hirer’s get to know more of the person behind the profile. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be anything ground-breaking, it simply needs to reflect you well. You can include anything from your hobbies, your favourite food, places you’ve travelled, a cool story, your family, your pets – or even just a joke. Anything additional you’d like to get across to your clients pretty much goes (just keep it clean people). Treat your about you box like a draft, you can change it at anytime so don’t overthink it. It’s an opportunity to get your personality across so just relax and have fun with it – and doesn’t have to be super long, sometimes less is more. 

Happy Profile Building!

If you need help building your profile, head to our FAQ page, or contact us directly.

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