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Earning bonuses

On limber, M&B flexible and BRG flex there’s the opportunity to earn two types of bonuses. 

3 star bonus

This is £10 and paid when you receive the top rating on a shift from a brand new venue.

Referral bonus

This is £20 and paid when you refer a friend to limber, M&B flexible or BRG flex. You can refer a friend by hitting the ‘share now’ button at the bottom of your profile. They must enter your code upon sign up and complete a shift in order to be paid. You can refer as many people as you like to limber, so be sure to spread the word.

You’ll also receive a £10 bonus if you pick up a shift that another worker cancelled at the last minute. 

When are they paid?

Bonuses are paid at the same time, or the week after wages, and marked on your payslip as such. Look out for shifts with the ⭐ emoji – these are the ones with bonuses attached to them.

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