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Hear from happy users

No one knows how to bag the best shifts, better than actual workers. Hear what Adam, Callum & Lucas have to say. 

‘Go above and beyond’

Keep your profile up to date & make sure to highlight all of your relevant skills and experience. Take the time to create a welcome video, so employers can see who are and what you have to offer. 

Be completely honest and transparent when applying for a shift. Don’t apply for something you don’t have the knowledge for. Google the establishment and see what they’re about before applying. If possible, I always check out the food and drink they serve to see if I can meet their standards and expectations.

Finally, apply for work below your skill set. If lot’s of shifts have been taken, never just wait. You can always apply for something you are overqualified for. This way you can still get paid and more importantly, you build up your good reviews. 


‘Be friendly to your employers & co workers’

Persevere! Even if you can’t get hired at the start, just keep trying. Try applying for less competitive shifts (like weekends and evening shifts) to get on the rating ‘ladder’ and go from there. 

Once hired, be friendly to your employers and coworkers, you never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities they may provide for you. I’ve ranged from getting lots of free food to having job offers to making friends to even being taught how to cook wood fired pizzas!    


‘Prioritise your reliability rating’

Firstly, get a great profile and photo sorted so people know that you’re experienced, prepared and approachable for the role you’re trying to fill. After getting your first shift, absolutely prioritize your reliability score rating – attend all shifts on time and work to the best of your ability. 

When it comes to landing your first shift, I’d avoid bidding – it’s better to use this function later down the line when you’ve secured a couple of ratings. 


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