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Friska have grown from 5 stores to 12. limber helps them keep happy, loyal customers

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"Here at Friska, we’re very proud of what we do and how we do it, so when hiring through limber, I was conscious that we needed skilled, passionate people to help us uphold our values and maintain the high standards that we’ve worked hard to achieve."

Friska's story

Over the past ten years, we’ve grown to 12 locations, and with that has come an increasing need for staff. I’ve never wanted our customers to have to queue or put up with long waits to be served, which means if someone cannot make a shift last minute, we need to find a replacement, fast - limber is brilliant for that because you can post a shift and fill it in a matter of minutes.

I’m very conscious that when people come to Friska, they expect efficiency - so the bottom line is that limber needed to work, and work well. If we’re understaffed even by 1, we know our sales and reputation will suffer, but organising cover through limber significantly reduces the chance of walkouts or complaints.

We found that those hired from the platform were diligent, skilled and reliable, and now our managers use limber as a regular part of the weekly rotas and have done for the past 3 years. With the same workers attending shifts at multiple branches, payroll could easily get confusing, but limber looks after all of that for you, including holiday pay and insurance.

When you’ve put a lot of love into your business and built it up from scratch, it can be difficult to put your trust in an app to connect you with high-quality staff, but with limber, you’re very much in control. You can set our own rates of pay, and the rating system means you choose applicants that have been approved by other local businesses, which is really important for us, as it’s a fast-paced environment and service standards are key. We’re always asking ourselves, ‘how can we have the most successful day?’ and employing excellent staff is a huge part of that.

Friska was started with a simple idea to provide food that makes you feel great, and I think that’s why we enjoy the simplicity of limber. We have a lot to keep an eye on, so it’s great that our managers can find and choose applicants in no time at all and without any fuss. Not having to worry about staffing frees up time to focus on improving our business and working to provide the best experience possible.