The limber mission

Technology is changing the world we live in and attitudes to work are changing with it.

Today’s generation of staff are looking for more flexibility and variety and technology can give them that. And for hiring venues, limber provides a way to move with employment trends and to access a growing pool of talent who want to work in this way.

For limber, hospitality is where it starts. limber was founded by people who understand first hand the challenge of working and hiring in the industry. We believe limber can help many industries work and hire a better, more flexible way.

limber app dashboard

Team limber

Chris Sanderson

Chris Sanderson – CEO and co-founder
Chris started limber in late 2016 with a big dream to make it easier to work and hire in hospitality. Chris is an ex pub manager and knew too well the challenges involved on both sides of the equation. He’s also a former technology lawyer and owner of the office dog, Jasper.

Mark Pope – CTO
Mark joined limber in 2017 from an app called Screen Time – an app which helped parents manage their children’s time spent on their iPhones. Mark doesn’t like to talk about it, but he’s completed 4 Iron Man events (he does wear the t-shirts in the office quite regularly!)

Rory Hampton-Matthews

Rory Hampton-Matthews – Business Development
Rory first came across limber as the owner of Beatroot Cafe, one of Bristol’s best independent cafe’s. He loved limber so much, that he asked to join us to head up the BD team. Before that he worked for Vouchercloud giving everyone great deals on everyday expenses.

Georgina Pickworth

Georgina Pickworth – Operations
Georgina was one of the early limberers on the app. But, when she applied to our graduate role in 2017, we jumped at the chance to hire her. A former veterinary student, she keeps Jasper in good spirits and ensures the limber platform runs smoothly.


Jasper, Head of Morale
Jasper was born in the same year as limber. And so, he and the app share a special connection. Jasper’s main responsibilities are jumping on your chair whenever you goto make a cup of tea and shaking his fur on you when it’s been raining.

The limber story so far

Limber started life in very late 2016 (when Jasper was still a pup) as nothing but an idea and a few lines of code.The first shift on limber was worked by a Ms. C. Newton at The Rummer Hotel in Bristol. She got a top rating and the rest is history!

In early 2017, we realised that limber was all about helping users of the community create and maintain consistent relationships with each other. So, we worked really hard and built loads of new features to make that happen. We started to strike a real chord with the industry and since then, we’ve seen the community grow from strength to strength.

In August 2017, limber raised its first round of funding, from local investors BPEC in Bristol. BPEC believed in us and in our vision to change the way we work and hire. So, we built our first team, moved into our first office and had our first Xmas party.

Today limber is a community of thousands of staff and venues all working together. They work shifts, share jokes and continue to build fantastic relationships. We’re thankful to everyone who makes the limber community a fun, vibrant and safe place to work and hire and we’re proud to have had a hand in building it.

Our goal is to take limber to as many cities in the world as possible. We want to create as many flexible and mutually beneficial relationships as possible and we want to help people rethink the way they work and hire; not just in hospitality, but in all sectors.

We have a long way to go, but with the support of the community we’ve built, we’ll get there – shift by shift.