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Set your own hourly rates

You’re in charge.  The minimum is £7.50 (plus holiday pay), but for last minute shifts or on bank holidays, you can pay more.

No payroll

No dodgy “gig economy” nonsense here.  limber’s payroll system is PAYE compliant and payroll runs automatically after each shift.

Low fees

Pay just 12.5% on wages. That's just 90p an hour for access to the platform and all payroll processing costs.

Standard Charges

Our flat fee is 12.5% of workers’ wages.  This covers access to the marketplace, use of the software and payroll.  Limber also assume all employment obligations for workers you hire from the limber marketplace.  There are no other fees.


*Limited time only, our standard fee is 12.5%.  This offer applies for Bristol account openings only.  In order to secure the offer, you must post a shift.