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Transparent and easy to understand.

Triple lock guarantee

  All workers on limber have the right to work in the UK
  limber handles all payroll and pension obligations
  Employment liability insurance included as standard

Hourly cost

£10 base wage

This example assumes you choose to pay £10ph, but you choose the wages on limber. You must pay at least minimum wage (and you can vary the wage based on age).

£1.21 holiday pay

This is calculated at 12.07% and it all goes to the worker.

£0.78 NI and pension

This is calculated at 7% and reflects the statistical likelihood that workers will meet these thresholds. Usually, employer national insurance is 15.05% and employer pension is 3%, but workers don't always earn enough to qualify.

£1.20 limber fee

This is calculated at 10% of the transaction

£13.19 total (excl. VAT)

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Pricing includes

Pricing includes

   Free to sign up

   Access to web, mobile and tablet app

   Cash handling and payroll

   No employment obligations

   247 email and chat support

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