Meet a diverse, vibrant and engaging community

By joining the limber community, you’ll be connected with thousands of limberers in your area.

limberers are a new generation of staff. They love variety and flexibility and so they’re looking to work for a few venues at the same time.

Every limberer has been vetted by other businesses in your area – you can browse their profiles, check out their previous experience, and see which businesses have rated them highly.

Sign up now via our website or download the ‘limber hirer’ app from your app store.

limber app community

4 Steps to hire on limber

Once you’ve opened an account, you can browse through the workers on limber and when you’re ready, publish your shifts. You can choose your own hourly rate, describe your business and make sure the staff you work with on limber know exactly what’s expected of them.

You can use limber on any device – whether you prefer to use the website or download the app.

It’s easy to review all the applicants’ profiles side by side. Each profile comes with a detailed skills assessment, information on workers’ previous experience and, most importantly, ratings from other businesses in your area. Personalised intro’s on each application will give you a feeling for the personality behind the profile.

You can choose your favourite limberer and hire them with one tap.

Once the shift is over, just confirm timesheets and the app will handle all payroll and paperwork. You’ll also get to rate each worker and decide whether to add them to your team. You’ll only ever pay for shifts after they’re completed and the cost of each shift will be set out clearly for you before they go live onto the platform.

limber will cost you just 10% on top of the total shift cost. See a detailed cost breakdown.

You can add people to your team any time you like. You’ll be able to chat with your team and talk about what shifts are coming up. You’ll be able to invite specific limberers to specific shifts. Your team members will get first choice of hours ahead of anyone else on limber.

Your team of favourite staff on limber will become an important part of your business.

Ethical & transparent

limber is your ethical alternative to the zero hours contract.

With limber, you can build a network of empowered workers and call on them when the need arises, but rest safe in the knowledge that when you don’t have the hours to give them, they’ll be able to earn elsewhere in the hospitality community.

The limber community is based on trust, acceptance and mutual respect.

Both workers and hirers can rate each other and these ratings are available for the rest of the limber community to see. By holding each other accountable, together, we’re able to create a fair, diverse and open place to work and hire in hospitality.

limber transparency
Transparent 2-Way Rating

No Paperwork

Workers register with limber by signing up via the worker app.

limber then checks their right to work before verifying their account and allowing them access to the platform.

All limberers receive holiday pay and those who meet the necessary earnings thresholds will be offered a pension on limber.

The app also deals with payroll and will automatically send you (and your accountant) invoices for all your activity on limber.

So, when you hire on limber, you know that the basics have been taken care of allowing you to focus on your business, not paperwork.

limber app efficiency
Automatic Invoicing

Cost effective

limber is fast, efficient and easy to use.

limber will save you time and money recruiting for part time staff, sifting CVs and organising trial shifts.

You can chat with your staff, arrange shifts and manage timesheets all via the mobile app or web platform. Because the limber app takes care of all your paperwork, it also saves you time and money spent on right to work checks, payroll and pension admin.

After each shift, limber will collect a payment consisting of worker wages (including statutory holiday pay), an additional 4% on top of wages to cover employer’s National Insurance and pension contributions, the limber fee (10%), and VAT.

The 10% fee, at minimum wage is just 90p per hour and it covers, access to the app (web and mobile), automated PAYE, access to the limber community and all other paperwork.

limber cost effective
Saving Time & Money

Cost breakdown

Hiring directHiring through limber
Wagesfrom minimum wagefrom minimum wage
National Insurance
& Employer Pension
Up to 16.8%4% contribution
Holiday pay12.07%12.07%
Payroll costsUp to £5 per payslipFree
Recruitment costs
(time and money)
Up to £750 (based on UK hospitality data)Free
Onboarding, right
to work and contracts
limber feeN/A10%