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Guerilla Marketing internship (London only)

You'll need creativity and a healthy appetite for failure

🎉 Benefits

💵 Earn £2-3k for a one month project
👏🏼 An amazing opportunity to learn what works
📈 It'll look great on the CV

🗒 About the role

Armed only with a referral code, your wits and joy in your heart, this is an opportunity to:

- try as many crazy ideas as you can think of to acquire new users (on the B2C side of our business)
- build up your portfolio
- build a case to lead-up, define or contribute to our Guerrilla marketing efforts across the UK

About limber:

Our app matches empty hospitality shifts, with great people who want to work them. Simple as that. You'll be tasked with acquiring as many workers in the hospitality sector as you can armed with a referral code. When workers sign up, they'll get £20 and you'll get kudos.

We're looking for someone who:

- is energetic, creative, pro-active and happy to try stuff and see what happens
- can show us that they want to do this, have some great ideas and are willing to risk embarrassment or failure (or both) along the way
- is digitally savvy
- can be trusted with a lot of responsibility to get stuff done

We don't have any other firm ideas about the ideal candidate, but maybe you're a marketing student, a recent grad or you've got a bit of experience.

Apply in an interesting way to Your application should show you have some ideas to bring to the table (that you can execute on your own).

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