Frequently Asked Questions

What is limber?

What is limber?

Limber is a marketplace. We connect hirers with workers in the hospitality and retail sectors for shifts.

Is limber a good fit for my business?

Do you every have rota gaps?  If you want to plug these gaps with great local workers from other trusted businesses then limber is a great fit for you. Click here to open your free account.


How does limber work?

How does limber work?

It’s easy. Just use your tablet, desktop and mobile to post shifts on the marketplace. You can set your own pay, specify which skills you need and include key information like a preferred order of service or sales style.

We’re busy, how long does it take to post a shift?

You can use past shifts as a template and there is no required post shift admin.  If you’ve previously saved card details and posted a similar shift before, you can post your shift in seconds.

What if I forget something when posting the shift and need to contact the workers?

You can connect with all workers scheduled to work your shifts at any time by using the messaging functionality. It’s really straightforward and all workers will receive a notification on their phone to let them know you’ve dropped them a line.

What happens at the end of the shift?

You have the opportunity to review and approve timesheets and provide feedback. You can also add tips if you like – and our workers will really appreciate it if you do!

If we like a worker, how do we make sure they get the opportunity to work for us again?

Rate the worker 3/3 when you complete the shift. Next time you post a shift, they’ll be be sent a push notification via the worker app. In practice, you’ll quickly build a pool of local, trusted and flexible workers to support your business.

I need to cancel a shift, what do I do?

It’s OK, we understand that plans change. To be fair to workers on the marketplace, if your shift is in the next 48 hours and workers are signed up, we need to charge you 50% of the confirmed booking value. Otherwise, you’re free to cancel if you need to. Just click “edit shift” and the Cancel button is located at the bottom left.


Limber and my business

Is limber really for me?

We believe limber is the simplest way to plug gaps in your rota. Why not try us and see? Just open your free account here and try it.

What if I need a lot of workers?

limber is flexible. Whether you need 1 person to work on the bar or 30 people to wait tables at a wedding, you can post your shifts on limber and workers will apply.

I use agencies at the moment, is limber a viable alternative?

Absolutely. If you’re already using agency staff, then limber is a no brainer.  It’s time you started saving money and getting better quality workers.


Limber workers

Who are the workers on limber?

There is no one type of person on limber but the one thing all of our workers have in common is that they are looking to fit work around them. In practice, many of the workers using limber are students, actors and part timers looking to pick up shifts.

Sounds interesting. Can you tell me a little bit more about the workers on limber?

Workers are the best thing about limber (other than our hirers, obviously!). All workers are employed by us, have the right to work, have previous experience and are reviewed by hirers every time they complete a shift so we know they’re the business!


Payment and Charges

How much does limber cost?

It’s free to join and post shifts. When you post a shift, you will pay:

a) the workers hourly rate (inc. holiday pay contribution);

b) limber’s fee; and

c) employer NI @ 13.8% (only if payable by limber).

What about the overheads of employment e.g. contracts, PAYE, holiday pay, employer NI, insurance etc.?

limber workers are employed directly by us. We take care of everything.

Why is employer NI not always payable in full?

Many of limber’s workers are studying. As such, many will not reach the threshold for employer NI contributions.

Why do I need to enter card details before I post the shift?

When you post a shift, we provide you with an estimate for the shift as pet the start and finish times you specify. At this point, we log your card details with our payment provider! Only once you’ve confirmed the shift is complete, do we collect the funds.

Our procurement team will require a discount, are your fees negotiable?

Unfortunately not. limber is a marketplace and so, we need to be fair to all hirers and keep our charges consistent. We’ll let you know if that changes!


Sign Up

I’m ready to go. how do I get started?

Click here to open your free hirer account. You’ll need to confirm your e-mail address and then we’ll have you posting shifts in no time at all.


About Us

Who are limber?

limber was co-founded by a Richard and Chris. Limber is supported by JMAN group, our strategic partner with Silicon Valley experience.


Contact Us

I have a question. How do I get in contact?

Please use the contact form on our website. New messages are actively monitored and we will get back to you straight away.