Win £1000 and get £20 for every referral | T's and C's apply

🎉 It's competition time

Earn £20 per referral and win a £1000 bonus

🎁 Competition rules

  For the rest of 2021, when you refer a new worker, you both earn £20 after their first shift
  There is no limit to the number of £20 referral bonuses you can earn
  London prize: at the end of the year, the person with the most referrals in London wins £1000

How it works

🔐 Your referral code

You can find your unique referral code either by tapping the icon to the right of your profile image or via the link at bottom of any shift listing.

💬 What to do with the code

You can share your code with friends via a text or whatsapp or online. You can also post your share code on social media.

👀 How do my friends use it?

All they need to do is enter the code when they sign up to limber. Easy as that. If they do, then after their first shift, you both get a £20 bonus.

🤑 How do I win the £1000?

We're running this prize for London workers only. So, share your code with people in London and, at the end of the year, we'll tot up all the referrals from London and, in January, one power referrer will pocket a cool £1k!

🙋🏻‍♀️ What counts as a London referral?

Any one, living anywhere, can win the £1000, but only referrals which result in the referred worker doing a shift in London will be eligible for your total.

Terms and conditions

Referral bonuses are applied automatically. If the worker you refer does not enter the referral code upon sign up, then we cannot retrospectively add the referral code.

In order to be eligible for the prize, you must complete 5 successful referrals in London. If no one does so, then the prize is null and void, but all £20 referrals will be paid as standard.

In order to receive a £20 referral fee, you must have worked a shift on limber previously and be on our payroll software.

limber reserves the right to withhold either £20 referral fees or the £1000 prize at its sole discretion in the event of fraud or an attempt to "game" the system in order to generate more referrals.

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