Reflecting on 2 years of limber and £1m in wages

Yesterday we received this heartfelt message from a hiring business on a limber community:

Started using limber last weekend as a trial and can’t believe the difference this is going to make to my business. I was blown away by the level of professionalism shown by the members that worked here. I shall be using [limber] all the time now. Thanks for literally changing my life.

Not that messages of praise are uncommon – a testament to the community of connected limberers and hirers that has evolved around us. Though I’m extremely proud of the app we’ve built I’m far more proud of the openness, enthusiasm, and proactivity of all members of the limber app – both hiring businesses and workers.

However, this message made me pause. It’s not every day that a business tells you that you’ve literally “changed their life”.

Of course, we can take very little credit – as a software platform that connects people and businesses, I’ve always viewed our role as a compassionate facilitator. The heroes here aren’t the 6 of us at the office, but the thousands of dedicated people using limber to work in a more empowering, engaging and varied way.

I’m very proud that in the city of Bristol alone, members of limber have collectively earnt over £1m on the platform.

So, this message is to each and every one of you. You’re driving change with every shift, every share, every pub table mention. Thank you to all of you.

I did want to give a shout out to a few selected people who have had a notable impact on limber’s growth and success over the past few weeks. Though I could evangelise for hours about the people who power limber if you’ll forgive me I’ve chosen just 5 examples that immediately spring to mind. First names only (data reasons).

1. Chelsea

Let’s start at the, well… start. Chelsea worked limber’s first ever shift.

It was at the Rummer Hotel in Bristol. I’m sure they won’t mind the plug – it’s a class cocktail bar and now Gin Micro Distillery – check out their open fire in Winter if you get a chance. It’s very Game of Thrones. Chelsea got the top rating. And the rest is history.

2.  Jan

Every so often, we hear a story from the limber rumour mill that makes us laugh.

Legend has it that Jan was once cycling back from a morning shift at Friska in Bristol. “Ping” goes Jan’s iPhone. Using the appropriate hand signal, Jan pulls over and takes a look at the notification. As luck would have it, the venue that has just posted a shift (starting in 45 minutes time), is the same venue that Jan is now stood outside of. He locks up his bike, opens the door and as he walks through the threshold, he grins at the surprised bar manager:

“I’ve just applied. Where shall I start?”

3. Sam

In late 2016, we gave a presentation to UWE on our entrepreneurial journey to that point. We wanted a way to engage with one of limber’s user groups. In the audience was Sam. (I hope) inspired by our journey, Sam immediately jumped on the app – worked 10 shifts in quick succession; got perfect ratings and then approached us for an internship. 18 months later, I was very proud to wave Sam goodbye after 50 ratings, a 12 month part-time role with us at the office and a job offer from MoneyBox in London.

4. Blaise and Aimee. Blaimee. Aimaise.

I hate to group two great people together, but it gives me space for one more shout out. Blaise and Aimee live a life I want everyone on limber to live.

A few days of limber shifts.
A couple of days yoga.
A couple more limber shifts.

Organising a wellness event before heading to Cornwall to surf and chill….

Blaise and Aimee were good enough to share their lifestyle with us and it remains a great source of inspiration. Their story underpins so much of what we’re trying to enable for people.

5. Every limberer

I can’t limit this post to just 5 individuals. The level of enthusiasm for the limber lifestyle has been epic. From those looking for 5 hours to 50, you remain the central driving force behind this business.

We’ll continue to develop as a business and a platform, but for now, here’s to all of you and the next stage of limber’s growth.

cheers beers

Don’t work rigid.
Live limber.


Reflecting on 2 years of limber and £1m in wages
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Reflecting on 2 years of limber and £1m in wages
limber's CEO, Chris, writes about messages of praise received on limber by hirers and limberes. He celebrates the community and announces that £1m in wages has been reached in Bristol.
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Chris started limber in late 2016 with a big dream to make it easier to work and hire in hospitality. Chris is an ex pub manager and knew too well the challenges involved on both sides of the equation. He’s also a former technology lawyer and owner of the office dog, Jasper.

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