5 ways we try not to work rigid and live limber

It’s important to any company that it lives and breathes its own brand. After all, if you don’t, how do you expect your customers to follow suit?

We’re a young company. And we definitely don’t to this perfectly – a few of us have worked at some pretty big organisations and learnt some pretty bad habits (and a few good) along the way. But at limber, we believe that to be truly happy, we need to be able to choose the when, where and what of work.

So here are 5 things we try and do to apply flexibility and variety to our own working lives:

1. Move GB membership

Everyone at limber HQ gets Move GB membership as a standard offering. Why Move GB over any other corporate gym membership? The brand synergies. Move GB empowers you to work out at different times and locations in your city – and what better way to compliment living limber than being able to become flexible more flexibly.

2. Using our product!

Everyone at limber has their own profile on the app. We all have our own video profiles too. And we all work shifts. It helps us understand what our users experience every time they use the app. There are no limits to this – and we obviously pay HQ staff whenever they work a shift – even if they’d otherwise be in the office.

So look out the next time you’re having a coffee – you might spot one of us mastering our latte art.

3. Varied work

Everyone at limber works on our customer service platform. Everyone at limber creates content. I like to think that anyone at limber can get involved in area of the business they like. But, let’s face it, when your team is 6 people, variety of work is not hard to come by. I’ll be interested to know how we cope with this as we scale.

4. Side hustles encouraged

I would love to think that in a year’s time, someone might come to me and say: “I’ve got to leave. My website is kicking off and I want to go full time on it” or “I’ve had an awesome idea. I want 3 months off to go see if I can get it going”. As far as I’m concerned, if we attract creative and talented people, this is inevitable.

To that end, here’s Thom’s side hustle. Born out of his love for 4 legged creatures. And here’s Kiwani’s awesome Art Project – check it out on insta.

5. Flexible working

OK. So this is an area that we haven’t yet nailed. We have core hours (10am-4pm). We can work from home or a cafe or wherever. We can go for a run or the gym whenever we want during the day.

Are we at the stage where we can support full remote working? I’m not sure, we haven’t had to try yet. Can we support those who want to work from 6pm to 2am instead of during the day? I doubt it. Collaboration remains key to us and we haven’t yet had to do that from afar. Everyone is (so far) happy to have a base for work and to be in the same room creating our products and solving our customers’ problems. And ultimately, that remains our priority.

We’ve got a long way to go. I want us to be working more shifts on limber. I want us to have greater levels of freedom.

As we continue to embrace the idea of living limber not working rigid, I hope we’ll find new balance and comfort in a less certain, more empowering way of living our work life.

For now, I’m off for a run.



Chris started limber in late 2016 with a big dream to make it easier to work and hire in hospitality. Chris is an ex pub manager and knew too well the challenges involved on both sides of the equation. He’s also a former technology lawyer and owner of the office dog, Jasper.

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