“Flexible, empowering and easy, limber allows me to work, when i want to work”

We chat to limber user, Catherine, about why she loves limber and how using the app to find work has changed her life.

Q: So Catherine firstly, why do you use limber?

A: I use limber because it allows me to work when I want to work.

Being able to choose shifts on the day means that if I have a plan and it falls through, I can say ‘I’m going to take on a shift today’.

It’s the flexibility of having a few things planned, but still being able to change my mind the day before.  

Q: Does that mean you check the app for shifts regularly?

A: Yeah, I actually look quite often. I check every morning. It’s part of my routine, I’ll check the news and then I’ll check limber and see what there is. It’s quite spontaneous to be honest, there will be a few shifts a week that are planned, but really, it’s quite spontaneous.

Q: Is there something you particularly enjoy, about picking up shifts on limber?

A: I quite enjoy feeling busy. I like that feeling of going home at the end of the day and feeling like I’ve got something done. I like to prioritise work, so I tend to pick work first and then plan things around that.

Q: What skills has using limber, helped you improve?

A: Definitely my communication skills, I think I’ll be moving up to a supervisory role soon.

Q: How do you find getting paid on limber?

A: It’s really easy. You just send it off, saying that you’ve done it and you get your email saying when you’re getting paid. It couldn’t be any easier. I like to have it all in one place, so I can keep track of what I’m earning. I’d prefer to get paid through the app, because you can keep track of what you’ve worked and when. To me, cash in hand feels a bit dodgy.

I prefer to use limber, over picking up shifts traditionally. I absolutely hate old fashioned rotas where it’s all written out on a piece of paper, and if someone swaps their shift you have to cross it out and write it over the top. Picking up shifts on limber is so much more effective.

Q: So, how did you find work, before limber?

A: I found it really difficult actually. I was studying at university, so I found it really hard to juggle my time, there seemed to be a lot of shifts on limber which were during the week, which suits me, whereas I couldn’t find any shifts like that before. Usually I’m busy at the weekend, so I can’t do long shifts. It’s been completely life changing in that way.

Q: How does limber help you?

A: limber helps me by allowing me to be flexible with my time, I can take on a shift that might be starting later in the day. So, I can do everything I need to do, like go to the gym or something during the day, and then work my limber shift later on. So, it all works out. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I can just log on to the app and find out when there’s shift. It can be on the day, or a week in advanced, and that’s so helpful.

Q: So, what three words would you use to describe limber?

A: Flexible. Empowering. Easy.

Q: And finally, can you describe in one word, how using limber makes you feel?


Look ahead to the SPARKies 2019: The People’s Choice Award

Every year, the who’s who of the South West UK start-up scene descend on the SPARKies awards. With a wealth of talent and buckets of investment heading to the region each year, it’s a great chance to showcase what’s going on in one of the most tech rich corners of the country.

This year, we’re delighted to be up for the People’s Choice Award – an award introduced in 2016 and designed to give you the chance to crown one plucky start-up who revs your engine.

We take a look at previous nominees as well as eye up the competition this year. And, ahem, if you do want to vote for us (or any of the other nominated companies), you can do so here.

Previous nominees of the SPARKies People’s Choice Award include:


Shining a scientific light on inequality, Gapsquare uses data analytics for good. With increasing scrutiny on transparency when it comes to pay in gender and other sources of inbalance, Gapsquare’s tech helps companies not only comply, but to improve their internal standards.

Open Bionics

There are a few companies that make you feel a bit silly sometimes. Open Bionics are one of them. Giving the gift of movement via their award winning prosthetics, they’ve undercut the market by around 30 times.


LettusGrow are building the farms of the future. We’d never heard of Aeroponics, but apparently you can now grow plants from, well, the air. Their patented technology uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture.


We’re a bit biased, but our Bristol based food and drink buddies have made our list. Their chatty tone and user friendly app, make discovering the many many new eateries popping up in Bristol an absolute pleasure.

The 2019 Competition

Here are this year’s contenders. Here you can vote for your favourite.


We haven’t found out who nominated us yet, but when we do, we owe them a drink. They said:

“I believe that limber has landed on a concept that could change employment forever, where the rights of employer and employee are considered equal and hard work is always appreciated.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Bunk is the rental app that empowers landlords and tenants with all the tools they need to rent, without letting agents.

From nomination: “The vast majority of students go through university without putting any thought to their credit history. This leads to a poor credit rating which can seriously restrict their quality of life without access to mainstream banking services (eg. a loan). After renting for years tenants find that their credit history is sub-optimal when they apply for a mortgage. Why don’t all those years of reliable rental payments count?

Open Bionics (again!)

Open Bionics turns disabilities into superpowers.

The Bristol-based bionics company is known globally for using 3D printing and 3D scanning, along with some clever software and design, to make advanced, affordable and accessible bionic limbs for amputees


‘For Adventures, By Adventures’. A shoppable magazine for active gentlemen.

From nomination: “What if an aspirational lifestyle magazine provided the retail experience of a department store and was uniquely tailored to each customer?


Improving performance for healthcare and beyond. From nomination: “Virti provides revolutionary training to medical professionals and students.

Virti is aiming to make medical training cheaper for all and help improve the performance of medical professionals worldwide. Virti has participated in several business accelerators including the NHS Innovation Accelerator, Boost VC and several others.”

Yellow Dog

The only intelligent predictive scheduling and orchestration platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud.

From nomination: “The technology developed satisfies a business need of access to digital resource, whilst meeting the environmental need of reducing waste and avoiding having to create more resource.


Build the ultimate collection of your favourite CS:GO players and teams on Epics.

From nomination: “Ever since this app first started, it’s done nothing but blow up. The engagement is insane and the user-driven feeling is outstanding! Everything that the app and team provide is incredible. The network around it is growing and growing and is absolutely welcoming; it now has over 250,000 users in just over a year. I’ve never felt more welcomed into a community.”

Our tip (other than us) – Open Bionics. Not great PR by us, but super hero prosthetics, c’mon!

See you there and good luck to everyone nominated for an award!

The final winner will be decided by the audience on the night of the SPARKies itself on Thursday 27 June at The Assembly Rooms, Bath (get your tickets here).


Top 10 Benefits to being a limberer

You’re multi-talented. Whether you’re a bad-ass bartender with some flair in the kitchen or a pukka pastry chef who knows their way around a coffee machine, we believe that you deserve variety by right.

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re looking for a career in hospitality, maybe full time, ladder climbing, experience gaining work might be right for you.

However, if you’re looking for another path, then limber enables you to build your perfect rota in as many venues as you like; then take time off whenever you want it.  

You just agree your shifts and your hourly rates with your clients and then send them for sign off. All your payments, pension and ratings will be handled in one, easy to access place. You won’t even need to deal with tax.

Top 10 Benefits to being a limberer

  1. Set your own rate of pay
  2. Create your own awesome online CV and video profile
  3. Work across multiple venues and roles
  4. Receive all your earnings in one weekly payslip
  5. Save into a pension and manage tax easily
  6. Build your own reputation through ratings to increase your earning potential
  7. Take time off whenever you want – surf, yoga, side hustles, families – spend more time on the things you love the most
  8. Find new workmates by joining limber teams
  9. Rate your employer and contribute to the community
  10. Be your own boss

How to get started as a limberer

First, build your own profile. Add all your experience; get endorsed by your old bosses and add an awesome video to it. You can then share it at the touch of a button with whoever you like.

Once you get rota’d on, just send all your shifts to your contacts for their approval.  Once the shift is over, you each rate each other and the app deals with payroll. The venue will then be able to post shifts in the future and invite you; or you can send more shifts their way for approval.

As limber grows in your local area, more and more hirers will start using the app. Then, you’ll be able to respond to shifts they post and use your profile to make new connections.

Get started today and build your first shift towards a more empowering way of working.

limber guide: building a captivating profile

Here’s another “how to” guide to getting the most out of limber. Let’s get straight to it, with our guide to building a great profile.

1. Your intro

Here’s some inspiration to get you going:

This is one of the hardest parts. How do you tread the line between interesting and professional and still stand out from the crowd?

a. Tell venues what you’re looking for. It’s a two way street and they want to know you want them as much as they want you. Whether it’s sustainability, the use of local suppliers or venues serving the best vegan menus, be clear about what you want.

b. Tell them what you’re into outside of work – it helps build a great rapport and gives venues real insight into you. The whole point at being part of the limber community is that the platform enables you to get more out of life – so be proud of that – let people know what you’re up to.

c. Be clear on your availability. Are you in the area for a while? What about hours or the days off you’ll need. Get all the info our there as soon as you can.

2. Your profile pic

No pressure on this one. They appear nice and small on your profile; so if in doubt, a headshot of you will do just fine.

3. Experience

Be honest with your skills assessments and make sure you give a good description of each piece of experience you add. Did you handle the cellar? Were you a key holder? What training did you have? The more the merrier here!

4. Endorsements

To add a bit of razzle dazzle to your profile, you can send your previous experience to your employers for an endorsement. It adds a bit of additional comfort to hirers so is well worth doing!

5. Video

The holy grail of the limber profile. We could talk about this forever; check out our guide to creating the best video CV you can.

Hope these tips help!

Good luck,
Team limber

limber guide: video profiles

The video part of your limber profile is a real game changer. And there’s so much you can do with it. Here’s our guide to creating the best video CV you can.

1. You don’t need fancy equipment

Most phones will be comfortably good enough to record your video. So just prop it up, point and shoot (or use a selfie stick if that’s your thing).

2. Keep it short

Let’s face it; all our attention spans are dwindling so try and keep your video between 20 and 90 seconds. That’s all you’ll need to make a great impression.

3. Editing doesn’t need to be complex

Most phones will have simple video clipping software already in. Or, you can use free online software too. If you want to go the extra mile, you could use free versions of tools like lumen5, but it doesn’t need to be that fancy!

4. What to include

That’s totally up to you, but at limber, we’ll never ask you to do something that we wouldn’t be prepared to do ourselves. So, we asked everyone at our office to produce one for themselves. Here’s a selection of the least embarrassing ones!

The “here’s me in action” video

Rory, an ex cafe owner is a bad ass when it comes to coffee. So, he played to his strengths in this snappy all action vid.

The “au naturale”

Georgina went for something personal and authentic. Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S9, in her cozy living room…

The “goofy story of my life”

Chris likes to talk about himself. So he did.